Sportsmanship is the one, over-riding goal of every program offered by the WYSO. Our Board has adopted a "Code of Conduct" which is proudly displayed at Fireman's Park and consistently reinforced on the practice field by our volunteer coaches. We hope it is also a message which is often repeated at home. 

In the event that a situation comes up during a practice or game that you as a parent feel is inappropriate, please take it upon yourself to first contact your child's Head Coach to discuss the issue. If your concerns rest with this particular individual and you are NOT comfortable talking to the Head Coach, please communicate your concerns to the appropriate Director, or the WYSO "Players Agent. (see WYSO Board page for a list of directors).

Head Coach ----> Director ----> Players Agent 

Keep in mind, these situations come up in every club and usually require a minor remedy. Please be patient, give the appropriate volunteers a chance to respond, and most of all, remember your child is watching how you handle the situation! 

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