Thank you for your patience as we have debated what the summer will look like for the Waterloo Youth Sports Organization. These were not easy decisions to make and we have put forth as much due diligence as we possibly could.

Each WYSO summer sports director was given the discretion to decide how to proceed with their respective sports or stations for the organization, and the risks/merits have been discussed at length for each of these plans.

The WYSO also conducted a survey of the public pertaining to summer sports and had a very high response rate, nearly 76% of baseball families responded to our survey, as well as respondents who don’t have children who participate in the WYSO.

The complete survey results are available to the public here:


With that said, we as an organization have come to the following conclusions for the summer:


The WYSO will be holding T-Ball, Coach Pitch, American/National League and Teener League baseball this summer.


T-Ball groups of 5-7 will practice only and not play games against other teams with WYSO guidelines.

Coach Pitch: Coach Pitch will proceed as normal with Waterloo teams only facing Waterloo teams per WYSO guidelines.

American and National League

The league that AL/NL participates in (the ESYBL) has cancelled it’s traditional season. With that, the WYSO will still have practices for our AL/NL teams. We will also be investigating scheduling games against each other. Part of the plan is to investigate in July if we can schedule games against other communities, with consideration of the current COVID-19 situation.


Teener baseball will proceed as normal.

We will be following various guidelines in conducting these sports. Some of these can be found here:

Jefferson County Blueprint:


Wisconsin Sports Service Back to the Diamond COVID-19 Proposed Safety Guidelines


The WYSO guidelines for summer sports are as follows:

1. Players are encouraged to provide their own equipment. (Bats, Gloves and Helmets)
2. Each team will use their own baseballs for games while in the field, cleaning them after each inning used. (Baseballs provided by the WYSO)
3. NO sunflower seeds or chewing gum or anything that coaches or players can spit are allowed anytime during a game.
4. After each inning coaches and players are encouraged to use hand sanitizer.
5. NO after game hand shake. Instead we will tip our hat at the other team to let them know good game.
6. Fans should not use the bleachers. Instead they should bring their own chair and spread out around the field.
7. Fans should leave foul balls for the 3rd and first baseman, or Left and Right Fielder.

While baseball will be proceeding this summer, the following will not be:

Deppe Baseball Tournament

The annual Deppe Memorial Baseball Tournament has been cancelled per Jefferson County guidelines to not hold spring/summer youth sports tournaments.


Softball, as a WYSO league, has also been suspended for the summer. The softball director will be looking into holding skills clinics over the summer with COVID-19 advisories in mind. Stay tuned for more information related to that.

Concessions Plan for Summer

The WYSO will be opening the concession stand for certain summer sports and will only be selling pre-packaged concessions.

Refunds due to COVID-19

Any families that feel they are uncomfortable in their child participating in summer sports are entitled and welcome to a full refund of their registration fee, no questions asked. If you are interested in cancelling your summer sports registration, please contact the director of your sport.  Director contact information can be found on our website on the WYSO Board page.

Thank you all for your patience as we have navigated these unprecedented times. These were very difficult decisions to make, and each director has put in a great deal of effort on coming to these decisions..

If you have any questions please reach out to me personally or to your sport’s director.

Otto Degler

Waterloo Youth Sports Organization President

Waterloo Youth Sports Organization

P.O. Box 83

Waterloo 53594

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